This area is seen as a place of 'myths and legends'. There are many game viewing opportunities, making Pietersburg a popular ecotourism destination in Southern Africa. Limpopo is divided into four tourism regions, each representing a microcosm of the area's varied and interesting cultures.
Despite its position on the tropic of Capricorn, the climate is tempered by its position on a plateau 1230 meters above sea level. Average temperatures reach around 21-22°C in January and fall to 11°C in July. As with much of inland South Africa, Pietersburg has experienced notably warmer seasons over the last decade than its long term average.Pietersburg has a dry climate with a summer rainy season and a pronounced dry spell during winter. Average annual rainfall is 495mm, with December or (less often) January the wettest month and July the driest.

Peter Mokoba Stadium

Peter Mokoba Stadium

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